Saturday, 24 July 2010

BASI level 1 complete

We’ve just completed our BASI level 1 assessment and 15 out of the 16 gappies passed the course and are now qualified ski instructors (but only in a non-mountain environment – the mountains will have to wait until we are BASI level 2).

saas fee glacier ski area

The BASI 1 qualification was assessed on a split basis between piste performance and being able to demonstrate all of the elements of the central theme from basic equipment familiarity, through snowplough and onto parallel turns. We also had to give an example lesson to our fellow gappies and I got straight running moving on to snowplough.
Our assessor was Becs who is a director at BASS in Morzine and we spent a very enjoyable week with her working on improving our skiing to the required level.

From a personal perspective, I got a lot out of the week improving aspects of balancing and taking time to settle over my skis before committing to the next turn.

The majority of the week seemed to be about balance and having had a day off (and massive hangover) on Saturday to reflect, I feel like I’ve got a lot more time and feel more settled when I’m skiing now. At the end of the course, the assessor and the students agreed on a course of areas to improve on with a view to having these areas dialled by the time we take the BASI level 2 course in five weeks.

The high pass rate was celebrated in true Saas style with beers and jagerbombs in the Alpen Bar just off the main square. There was a little bit of police dodging going on also as the night extended past 10pm to Metros and Poison nightclub. The ‘nights rest’ rule is taken seriously in Saas and any noise in the village after 10pm is punished by a fine of CHF200, not that this seems to apply to the Popcorn club which inevitably we end up in until 4am.

Some snow fell on the glacier last night and conditions were great for our day off. A few of us tried to take our ski instructor hats off and just have a blast about but it was difficult to forget all of the technical thoughts whilst skiing about and also analysing the recreational skiers technique.

Next up on the course is a few days of training, starting with work on carving tomorrow and then a 2-day first aid course

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